Welcome to Sheffield Sports Cycling Club, possibly Sheffield’s oldest cycling club formed

more than 100 years ago. Our club is based on a pedigree of road riding in the peak and the Sunday club runs which are generally around 50-70 miles in the Peak District at a moderate pace. Several members of the club also race in the North Midlands Road Monsal HC 2013 - Richard Middlemiss 05rRacing League and British Cycling, and some local time trials and hill climbs. There’s usually the opportunity for some mid-week riding too including the Tuesday chain gang in the peak.

Our riders have plenty of experience in club riding and racing and recently the numbers have been growing to around twenty riders on Sundays during the summer and fewer in winter.

Riding in a group at speed requires skill, confidence and responsibility. All riders in the club are experienced and will help newcomers to adjust to the discipline of group riding. If you don’t like receiving some well intentioned advice then this club will not suit you. However, if you’re keen to learn and develop into a safe and confident group rider then please get in touch.

We generally meet round the cross-roads of Abbey Lane and Abbeydale Road which is right in front of the Beachief Hotel, Abbeydale Road South.  For a map, please visit this page